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Based in Pasadena, MD - Offering Online and In-Person Guitar Lessons!

"Tempee is a great guitar teacher... The virtual setup is outstanding, with multiple camera views that allows me to focus on fingerings and guitar tabs. He is very knowledgeable in all areas and genres of music. I cannot recommend him enough for aspiring guitarists of all skill levels!"



Tempee playing guitar in his studio

In addition to teaching and gigging, I worked as a recording engineer and a booking agent. The artists I have worked with include:

  • Benny Golson

  • Ron Carter

  • George Duke

  • Kool and the Gang

  • The Avett Brothers

  • Rachael Price (Lake Street Dive)

  • Matt Nathanson

  • Jimmy Cliff

  • Rusted Root

  • Les Claypool

  • Juice Newton

  • Toni Tennille

  • Warren Wolf

  • Ellery Eskelin

  • The Air Force Band

After attending Berkelee College of Music, I joined the Army as a Guitarist. I served in the 82nd Airborne Division Band (North Carolina) and the 1st Infantry Division Band (Germany). While active duty, I played in a variety of bands all over the U.S. and Europe. After eight years on active duty, I served in the Maryland National Guard Band for 12 years. During that time, I earned two associate’s degrees (Music and Business), a certificate in audio engineering from Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts, and completed the Army Advanced Musicianship course and Army Live Sound Reinforcement course. I earned a B.A. in Jazz Guitar Performance from Towson University in 2009.



  • What hours are you open?
    I teach Monday through Thursday 9:30 am to 9:00 pm, Friday 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Available spaces for lessons do change, but these are the hours in which I schedule lessons.
  • How frequently are the lessons?
    Most of my students come to a lesson once a week, the same time each week. Students who do not schedule weekly lessons are accommodated based on space available.
  • How much does it cost?
    Weekly students pay $30 per half-hour or $55 for an hour lesson. Space-available students are $30 per half-hour. Group lessons can include up to two students for the $40/half-hour fee or $75/hour. Weekly students pay by the month and fees are due at the first lesson of the month
  • How long are the lessons?
    My schedule is divided into half-hour blocks. Some students do a half-hour; many students do a full hour.
  • What is your teaching philosophy?
    I encourage you to play what you’re most interested in, and believe that you are more likely to stick with guitar if you enjoy what you’re working on. Over time, you might become interested in other topics like music theory. I use a different approach if your goal is to audition for an arts program or to study music at the college level. My approach in these circumstances is based on my own experience preparing for auditions as well as studying music in college.
  • How young is too young?
    I don’t have a set age limit. A young child should have the physical strength to play and the ability to focus for most of a half-hour lesson. I know that young children want to have fun, so I use a variety of activities that help children learn the notes on the guitar and practice rhythm while keeping their interest.
  • I've never picked up a guitar before. Is there such a thing as "too old" to learn?
    Definitely not! Research has shown that mental stimulation (learning) can keep the mind young.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you have to miss a lesson for any reason, I will offer a make-up lesson based on space available if you have given 24 hour’s prior notice. Without 24 hours notice, no make-up lessons are offered and you will forfeit the fees paid for that lesson.
  • I'm pretty busy. Will I have time to take lessons and practice?
    I have many students that have a very busy schedule. For some students, the only time they play guitar is during the lesson. Weekly lessons help to keep the music happening, even if you have little time to play outside of the lesson. You may have a hard time carving out practice time each day, but if you can do a weekly lesson, it will keep playing the guitar a part of your life.
  • Should I do half-hour or full-hour lessons?
    In college, I preferred taking an hour guitar lesson because it helped me learn how to practice from someone with more experience. I felt that a half-hour lesson only allowed enough time to go over the previous week’s material and get new assignments. The decision to do a half-hour or a full hour lesson is a personal choice, but I can help you decide if you would like advice.
  • Can I take an online lesson?
    Yes! I offer live online lessons primarily through Zoom. Skype and Facetime are also available.
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